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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The P&C operates a not-for-profit uniform shop located in Hollis Hall.​  Uniforms are ordered online via Flexischools, and are delivered directly to your child's classroom for added convenience. 

​For assistance in ordering, please refer to the Uniform Shop price list and the size chart.

Uniform policy

Gumdale State School P&C supports the wearing of a school uniform to help provide a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment. Wearing a uniform helps to: 

  • readily identify students and non-students at school
  • eliminate competition in dress and fashion at school
  • foster a sense of belonging
  • develop mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences. 

Formal uniform 

Formal Uniform.JPG
The formal uniform must been worn on Mondays and other special occasions as determined by the Principal. The formal uniform can be worn other days of the week. 
1. Royal blue checked dress or 
2. Blue checked shirt and royal blue unisex microfibre shorts with GSS logo or
3. Blue checked shirt and royal blue skorts with GSS logo. 

Everyday school uniform

Everyday Uniform.JPGThe everyday school uniform can be worn every day with the exception of Mondays and special occasions.
1. GSS polo shirt and royal blue unisex microfibre shorts with GSS logo or 
2. GSS polo shirt and royal blue skorts with GSS logo

Reversible school hat  

Years 1-6: Royal blue with house colour
Prep: red with house colour


Suitable enclosed footwear colour is black-only with white socks. See the shoe guide and image below for appropriate shoe styles.  


Winter uniform  

Winter Uniform.JPG

This can be worn in addition to the school uniform. 
  1. Royal Blue with red stripes fleece Jacket with Gumdale State School logo. 
  2. Royal Blue micro fibre jacket with Gumdale State School logo. 
  3. Royal Blue hooded fleece jacket with Gumdale State School logo. 
  4. Royal Blue fleece jacket with Red Gumdale State School logo. 
  5. Royal Blue microfibre or fleece trackpants can be worn with the Gumdale State School polo or checked formal shirt. 
  6. Navy stockings can be worn with the Gumdale State School royal blue checked dress.​

Senior students

Senior shirts can be worn in place of the school polo, except on Formal Uniform occasions.

Sports program 

On PE lesson days, the school polo is to be worn with royal blue unisex shorts or skorts with GSS logo, along with the reversible school hat. Black school shoes are to be worn. Students are permitted to change into sneakers of any colour for their PE lesson.

Sports carnival   

On Gumdale Sport Carnival days, the school uniform is to be worn. Alternatively a plain T-shirt representing the house colour can be worn with royal blue unisex shorts or skorts with GSS logo. Reversible school hat is to be worn with house colour showing. Black school shoes are to be worn. Students are permitted to change into sneakers of any colour for their PE lesson.​

Interschool sport

When representing Gumdale State School for interschool sports and for Year 4-6 Friday Sports, the school polo should be worn with royal blue unisex shorts or skorts with GSS logo, along with the reversible school hat.

Hair and jewellery 

Hair is to be kept tidy and of natural colour with a conservative cut. 

Stud and sleeper earrings are acceptable. 

Watches, medical alert tags and school badges can be worn.   


​​Individual RagTagd smart tags are available to purchase on Flexischools. RagTagd provides an easy way of tracking items. By activating the unique code on a smart tag, parents will receive an SMS to notify them whenever their child's clothing has been found in Lost Property, helping families to recover them quickly. Please remember to label item with first and last name.

Found RagTagd items are placed in the Lost Property cupboard outside the Administration office.  All other items are either outside Administration office or at GOHSC.

​Second Hand Uniforms

Parents and carers are welcome to join the Gumdale State School Second Hand Uniform Facebook group.

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