Stop Drop Go


There is a Stop, Drop & Go zone in the Tilley Road car park. The safety of our students is a priority at Gumdale State School; please be patient when using the zone. Do not park in the Stop, Drop & Go zone at any time as this congests the flow of traffic and blocks access to the curb.  Parking is available along Formosa Road, New Cleveland Road and Dianthus Streets.  Please do not park in the local business designated car park spaces.

In the morning

  • Keep left while queuing for Stop, Drop & Go.
  • Stay in your car (this maintains a steady flow of traffic).
  • Children must exit cars from the curb side only.
  • Store your child’s bag inside your car; no-one should open boots at the drop zone.
  • Give way when exiting the drop zone as cars may be circling.

In the afternoon

In the afternoon, your child waits in the covered area under our supervision. Please remind your child that they need to sit and wait quietly in this area. As you approach, we will direct your child to one of the four coloured zones for you to collect them. We will ask your child to hold their bag rather than wearing it on their backs or shoulders.

  • Delay your arrival to minimise traffic congestion.
  • Display your child’s surname clearly on your passenger sun visor.
  • Keep left while queuing for Stop, Drop & Go.
  • Children enter cars from the curb side only.
  • Store bags inside the car and not in the boot.
  • You (the driver) must stay in your car.
  • Give way when exiting Stop, Drop & Go as cars may be circling.
  • If your child is not yet at Stop, Drop & Go, drive slowly through the carpark and turn right just before the exit to re-join the queue.
  • Instruct your child on independent seatbelt us, or park your car if you need to help them.
  • The Stop, Drop & Go area is fully supervised until 3:30pm Monday - Friday.

If you are unable to use Stop, Drop & Go area in this manner, please park to drop or collect your child. This includes if you need to get bags out of the back, assist your child in/out of cars or car seats, or wait while someone delivers your child to class. If your child is in Prep, you need to accompany them to the classroom, and collect them from their classroom. (EDIT: during periods of social distancing due to COVID-19 we are limiting adults on site and Prep students will be escorted to and from a nominated gate for drop off and collection).

We staff Stop, Drop & Go until 3:30 pm. If you have not collected your child by then, we take them to the office to wait for you. If this happens, you need to sign your child out. If you are delayed, please phone the school so we can let your child know and avoid unnecessary worry.

Last reviewed 26 May 2020
Last updated 26 May 2020