Interested parents will be invited to submit an expression of interest form.​  

Unless otherwise requested, students in iPad classes this year will automatically be placed in an iPad class.

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have a critical role in enhancing the learning process at all levels and across a broad range of activities in each of the National Curriculum subject areas. Through the use of ICTs in the curriculum, we are helping students become knowledgeable about the nature of information, comfortable with the technology and able to exploit its potential. The overall philosophy is to use ICT whenever its speed, power, graphics or interactive potential can enhance and extend the quality of work being undertaken by students. It is used to develop logical thinking, problem solving and control techniques and also to give confidence and the capability to use ICTs in later life. 

In the BYOD program we aim to establish an environment and a relationship with children where they can feel safe, comfortable and are able to be encouraged to push themselves to the best of their abilities in all learning areas. 

The Digital Program at Gumdale State School incorporates coding, programming & robotics.  We are currently introducing a new Makerspace Area in our school and plan to embed this in our teaching practices over the coming year. 



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