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Resource centre

The school has a well-equipped resource centre which provides a wide range of resources including picture books, novels, up-to-date non-fiction resources, a computer lab and material to support the curriculum. The resource centre is integral to the teaching and learning process.

All classes visit the resource centre (library) each week and we encourage children to borrow books, using their allocated borrower number. Students in years Prep to 2 can borrow one book for one week, while students in years 3 to 6 may borrow two books at a time. Students in years Prep to year 2 must use a library bag to transport their book to and from school. Students can visit the library during first or second breaks to read, borrow books, or enjoy the games that are available.

If a child requires more time to finish reading their book then they can bring it back to the library and renew it. We will issue overdue notices to students who do not return their library books; they will lose their borrowing privileges until they return all their books. If the book is lost, torn or damaged we request a donation of $10 towards replacement costs.

We encourage students to participate in available activities including the Premier’s Reading Challenge, Readers Cup, Book Fair and Book Week.

We are always in need of volunteers to cover new books, repair well-loved books, shelve books etc. Even a small amount of your time would be greatly appreciated – if you would like to help please contact staff at the resource centre.

The resource centre is open after school on to give parents and carers the opportunity to visit and borrow with their children. Come and experience it for yourself!

Day​ ​Time
​Monday ​3:00-3:20pm


​Thursday ​3:00-3:20pm
​Friday ​8:30-8:45am