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Year 4/5 class news


What we are learning this term

Ye​ar 4 & 5




Students will examine book and film reviews.  They will also explore a quest novel to investigate the devices that author’s use to create entertaining stories.

Students will write a book and movie review for ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and compare the two.
They will also write an additional chapter for a quest style novel.


Students will investigate capacity, mass and volume, problem solving, length and area, fractions and decimals, money, patterns for equivalence in both whole numbers and fractions, grid references, landmarks and directional language to locate places on maps.  Year 4 students will continue to work on place value and symmetry. Year 5 students will also create a simple saving plan.

Students will be assessed using a selection of tests, investigations and observations.


Students in Year 4 will be conducting a research task about sustainable waste management in our local area.
Students in Year 5 will explore how places are changed and managed by people.

Students will complete a portfolio of work.


Students will participate in a swimming program delivered by Aquatic Achievers.

Students will be assessed on their technique and performance during the Aquatics Achievers Swimming program.

Year 4




Students will explore the life cycles and beneficial interactions between eucalypts and bees. They will explore other beneficial as well as harmful interactions between animals and eucalypts. Students conduct a fair test on seed germination of eucalypt seeds and test theories on why oil is present in eucalypt leaves.

Students will complete a guided investigation about why eucalypts produce oil and a knowledge and understanding quiz.


Students will explore hobbies including leisure activities and sports. Students will learn how to ask questions and how to express the hobbies they enjoy in French. They will read a penfriend page from magazine and play games in order to consolidate their French vocabulary.

This subject is not formally assessed in Year 4.

 Y​ear 5




Students will explore structural features and adaptations of desert plants and animals and compare them with plants and animals that live in other environments. They will conduct a range of investigations of whether or not structural features of desert plants and animals are adaptations for surviving in a desert environment.

Students will plan and conduct an investigation about desert animal adaptations and complete a knowledge and understanding quiz.


Students will examine the unique features and adaptations that enable flight and how human achievements in flight are inspired by the natural world. They will address a flight challenge following the design and technologies processes and production skills of investigating and defining; generating and designing; producing and implementing; evaluating and collaborating and managing.

Students will design, construct and test a flying creature that is able to meet the challenges posed by a created habitat.


Students will explore the concept of personal spaces within their home environment and France.
Students will:
-Engage with language in texts about different places in which children feel comfortable
-Listen to people talk about their favourite places
-Participate in intercultural experiences to notice, compare
and reflect on language and culture.

Student will complete written tasks where they label and describe a personal space in French.  They will also explain French terms that reflect cultural practices.

Days to Remember

  • Swimming – Weeks 2-9
  • Cybersafety Talk 2nd August
  • Ngutana-Lui Incursion 8th August
  • ICAS Mathematics 15th August
  • Science Incursion 15th August
  • Royal Show Holiday 16th August
  • Father’s Day Stall P&C Thursday 31st & 1st August  

Points of Interest

  • Formal Uniform day each Monday
  • 3-6 Assembly 24/7, 7/8, 21/8, 4/9 at 2pm.
  • Social and Emotional Development: 
  • This term our GROW focus will be on Great Learners. The ‘You Can Do It’ learning to support this focus will be around resilience and confidence.

Before School Routine
are required to assemble in the hall before school.  When dismissed students will line up outside their classrooms.