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Year 3 class news


​What we are learning this term





Students will listen to and read an imaginative text from a different culture. They will comprehend the text and explore the text structure, language choices and visual language features used to suit context, purpose and audience.

Students will write a persuasive letter based on a narrative.

Students will comprehend an extract from the story.  Student will create an imaginative event narrative.


Students will plan and write a persuasive letter.


Students will learn about number, place value, fractions and decimals, money and symmetry. They will also investigate using units of measurement (length, mass and capacity), time, patterns and algebra.

Classroom observations, monitoring tasks and assessments of: money, representing multiplication, measuring length, mass and capacity, patterning and connecting addition and subtraction; telling time to the nearest minute. 


Students will investigate places near and far and explore how they can be protected.

Students will undertake an investigation of a significant local place and suggest ways to protect it.


Students will explore risk-taking behaviours, their rights and responsibilities and decision-making strategies to help keep them safe. They will explore bullying behaviours and strategies to reduce it, and identify people who can help them make good decisions and stay safe.

Students will complete a collection of work investigating how emotional responses vary and how to interact positively with others. They will use decision-making and problem-solving skills to select and demonstrate strategies that help them stay safe.


Students will investigate and group living and non-living things based on observable features. They will identify questions that can be investigated scientifically, make predictions and participate in investigations to answer these questions. Students will identify and use a sustainable process to make paper using recycled materials.

Students will perform a guided investigation identifying living and non-living things in the local environment.


Students will explore different processes of making paper and the resources required. They will identify and use a sustainable process to make paper using recycled materials.

Students will follow the process of making paper from recycled resources.  They will identify, select, observe, evaluate and reflect on the paper making process.


Students will participate in a swimming program delivered by Aquatic Achievers.

Students will be assessed on their technique and performance during the Aquatics Achievers Swimming program.

The Arts

Students will perform a choreographed sequence of steps in the dance style of Musical Theatre using expressive skills to tell a story.

Students will be assessed on their control, accuracy and expression of the choreographed dance.


Days to remember

  • Swimming – Weeks 2-9
  • Ngutana-Lui incursion 1st August
  • ICAS English 1st August
  • ICAS Mathematics 15th August
  • Science Incursion 15th August
  • Royal Show Holiday 16th August
  • Ngutana-Lui excursion 17th August
  • Father’s Day Stall P&C Thursday 31st & 1st August
  • Sailing 29th- 31st August & 5th – 7th September.​


 ​Points of interest

  • Formal Uniform day each Monday
  • 3-6 Assembly 24/7, 7/8, 21/8, 4/9 at 2pm.
  • Social and Emotional Development: 
  • This term our GROW focus will be on Great Learners. The ‘You Can Do It’ learning to support this focus will be around resilience and confidence. 

Before School Routine
are required to assemble in the hall before school.  When dismissed students will line up outside their classrooms.