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Year 1 class news


What we are learning this term






Students will write an information report on an animal. In the second unit of work, students will write a retell of a picture book. Students will be focusing on writing a retell that has a clear beginning, middle and end.

Written information report on an animal.

Written retell of a picture book.


Students will explore number and place value, addition and subtraction, patterns, Australian coins, using units of measurement including telling time to the half-hour, location and 2D shapes and 3D objects.   

Classroom observations and assessment portfolio tasks.


Students will investigate how to care for places. They will investigate the features of places and how places can be arranged for different uses.

Assessment booklet to demonstrate knowledge.


Students will be investigating our school gardens and playground to observe different habitats and the small animals that live there. Our investigation will include looking at water snails, mealworms and ants, including how they feed, move and live. The students will learn how science knowledge helps us to care for and maintain healthy habitats, as well as how to use that scientific knowledge to improve these habitats for the small animals that live there.

Our assessment this term is an investigation of a chosen animal to identify how they live, grow, move and protect themselves in their respective habitats.


The technology unit this term builds on our science investigations. Students will be planning, designing, drawing and constructing a habitat from recycled materials, for an animal, chosen from a prescribed list.  They will then evaluate their design.

Students will plan, design, build and evaluate an animal habitat.


Students will explore health messages related to the benefits of physical activity, a nutritious diet and good personal hygiene habits to stay healthy.

Students will plan an end of term picnic for their class incorporating the key health messages.


Students will develop skills in short and long rope skipping.

Students will be assessed on their technique and performance in skipping.

The Arts

Students will explore and respond to the beat in music. Students will be introduced to different speeds of music (tempo) through listening activities with particular reference to ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ by Camille Saint Saens. They will practise maintaining a steady beat using body percussion, movement, beat charts and percussion instruments.

Students will compose and perform a repeated 4 beat body percussion pattern to a known song (selected from core class repertoire).


Days to Remember

  • Redlands Indigiscapes Excursion 1J & 1CO 31st July; 1TS, 1W 3rd August ; 1G & 1N 4th August
  • i Incursion 1st August
  • Science Incursion 15th August
  • Royal Show Holiday 16th August
  • Father’s Day Stall P&C Thursday 31st & 1st August  ​ 

Points of Interest

  • Formal Uniform day each Monday.
  • P-2 Assembly 31/7, 14/8, 28/8 at 2pm
  • Social and Emotional Development: 
  • This term our GROW focus will be on Great Learners. The ‘You Can Do It’ learning to support this focus will be around resilience and confidence.

Before School Routine
are required to assemble in the hall before school and wait for their class teacher to collect them at 8:45am