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What we are learning this term 






Students will listen to, view and interpret a range of multimodal texts, including poetry and rhymes, to develop an understanding of sound and letter knowledge and a range of language features.

Students will choose and recite a rhyming verse to a familiar audience.  They will listen while others present their rhyme and show knowledge of rhyme by identifying the rhyming words they have used. Students will then write the verse they recited. They will then create an innovation of a rhyme and record the rhyme in words and pictures.


Students will apply a variety of mathematical concepts in real-life, life-like and purely mathematical situations.

Number and place value — compare quantities, equalise quantities, combine small collections, represent addition situations, identify parts and the whole, partition quantities flexibly, share collections, identify equal parts of a whole.

Using units of measurement — make direct and indirect comparisons of mass, explain comparisons of mass, sequence familiar events in time order, sequence the days of the week, connect days of the week to familiar events.

Patterns and algebra — identify, copy, continue and describe growing patterns, describe equal quantities

Data representations and interpretation — identify questions, answer yes/no questions, use data displays to answer simple questions

Students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of Number & Place Value, Shape, Data Representation & Interpretation and Location & Transformation by responding to questions verbally and using hands-on resources.  Working with a teacher / teacher aide, students will be asked to respond to mathematical questions related to concepts from Term 3.


Students will observe the familiar features of places and represent these features and their location on pictorial maps and models. They will share observation and use everyday language to describe direction and location. Students will observe places from a bird’s eye view and look at simple maps and representations. 

Students will look at a world map or globe and identify Australia, where they live in Australia and other places. They will identify features of a familiar place (Prep play area).


Science and Technology

Students will be provided with opportunities to examine different types of weather and seasons. Through exploration, investigation and discussion, language is focused to describe the appropriateness of clothing and activities selected to suit the weather and season

Students will describe the observable properties of the weather and the seasons. They will make representations of the types of weather using pictorial symbols. They will list the four seasons as they occur in the correct order.


The Arts

Students will explore rhymes and songs to make and respond to music. Students imitate and practise different vocal sounds, pitch and rhythm patterns in a variety of contexts. Through participating in music games and activities they will begin to differentiate between their spoken voice and singing voice and start to develop inner-hearing.

Students will choose a known song, (selected from core class repertoire) and perform using their spoken voice and their singing voice.


Students will work on underarm throwing and catching, kicking a large ball, bouncing a large ball and applying them in activities and games.

Students will demonstrate skills during activities.

Days to Remember

  • Term 3 Dates:  10 July – 15 September
  • Moreton Bay Environmental Centre   “Living by the Bay” 2nd, 3rd, 4th August
  • EKKA Public Holiday  16th August
  • Ngutana Lui Incursion 15th August
  • Father’s Day Celebration  TBA
  • P&C Father’s Day Stall – Thursday 31st & 1st August   ​

Points of Interest

  •  Formal Uniform day each Monday.
  • P-2 Assembly 31/7, 14/8, 28/8 at 2pm
  • Social and Emotional Development: 
  • This term our GROW focus will be on Great Learners. The ‘You Can Do It’ learning to support this focus will be around resilience and confidence.