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Y3 Technology

Students have been learning about the processes and materials that can be used to make paper. They have discovered that making paper from recycled paper rather than trees is a more sustainable option. Students have made their own piece of paper and will be bringing it home in term 4. 


Y5 Technology – Flight Club

The year 5 students have been applying their adaptations knowledge and steamnews1-15-09-2017.jpg

understanding to create their own mythical flying creature capable of completing a challenge course. Great creativity and knowledge demonstrated!

All STEAM Clubs

In term 4 we will be combining Year 4, 5 and 6 STEAM Clubs to better take advantage of group knowledge. We will meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings 8-8:45am starting in week 2. Our STEAM Club Expo is scheduled for Week 9 of term 10 on the Friday from 11.15-11.40am and family are most welcome to check out the amazing solutions and creations! New members are always welcome! 

7000 new residents at Gumdale State School

Welcome to our Australian native stingless bee hive! Bill Furness a local bee keeper has supplied the school with their first hive containing over 7000 Tetragonula carbonaria. Native bees are wonderful pollinators helping keep our environment full of life. The hive is located on the eastern side of the STEAM building at the back of the garden. While these native bees are stingless we must still be safe and respectful and never go beyond the garden barrier.


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Year 4 STEAM Club

In teams students have designed and built model dragsters. They first discussed the race rules and decided on an 8 metre track. Students had to decide the shape of their platform and Spur and Pinion gear sizes. On Thursday we held 4 races to see which dragster best suited the race conditions. Team ZTM won all 4 races! Students learned that on our course top speed was the more important factor therefore a lower gear ratio would achieve winning results.

Year 5&6 STEAM Club

Teams are building our new GoPiGo2 robots ready to explore what they can do with the Rasperry Pi computer boards. 

Have a safe and happy holiday and we will see you next term for Chemical sciences and Coding!

Thank you

Amanda Sheppard

Cheryl Harvey

Belinda Thurstun

STEAM Teachers